Sentence Examples

  • Kids who are able to read can find a selection of frightening books they can enjoy on their own, but for scary story night, when the whole family takes turns in reading, parents and kids should take part in reading these spooky tales aloud.
  • Black toppers add a spooky but sweet touch to a black and orange or Halloween wedding, while a Jack and Sally topper with white tulle and background can be a fun way to incorporate this theme into a wedding with more traditional colors.
  • Movie soundtracks for horror films are also a good way to find music for your party or Halloween event, since they are often spooky and can help remind people about their favorite horror film or get interested in a new one.
  • Michael Jackson's out-of-the-box choreography, paired with stunning costuming, terrifying makeup and gorgeous, spooky sets provided the full package for the Halloween-themed video that captured audiences the world over.
  • Reasons why you might want music created especially for Halloween can include wanting to create a spooky atmosphere or make the theme of the party tie in with the music as well as the decorations and costumes.