Sentence Examples

  • An adjutant came out and announced that everything was in readiness within.
  • You have experienced my readiness to reward you.
  • Windthorst was undoubtedly one of the greatest of German parliamentary leaders: no one equalled him in his readiness as a debater, his defective eyesight compelling him to depend entirely upon his memory.
  • The readiness with which ethylene is acted on in comparison with other types of hydrocarbon, for example, is in harmony, he considers, with the circumstance that the greatest distortion must be involved in its formation, as if deflected into parallelism each valency will be drawn out of its position through 2.109° 28'.
  • Not only does the substituent group modify the readiness with which the derivative is attacked, but also the nature of the product.

What's another word for readiness?

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