Sentence Examples

  • An adjutant came out and announced that everything was in readiness within.
  • On account of the readiness with which it condenses with various compounds, benzaldehyde is an important synthetic reagent.
  • Tradition has dramatized their first meeting into the story given by Cresacre More' - that the two happened to sit opposite each other at the lord mayor's table, that they got into an argument during dinner, and that, in mutual astonishment at each other's wit and readiness, Erasmus exclaimed, " Aut tu es Morus, aut nullus," and the other replied, " Aut tu es Erasmus, aut diabolus !
  • The first step in the proceedings is a " notice to treat," or intimation by the promoters of their readiness to purchase the land, coupled with a demand for particulars as to the estate and the interests in it.
  • Mexico also took part in establishing the permanent Central American Court of Arbitra-, tion, inaugurated on the 25th of May 1908 at Cartago, Costa' Rica, under the Washington treaties of December 1907, and showed readiness to associate herself with the Government of her great northern neighbour in preserving peace among the Central American States.

What's another word for readiness?

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