Sentence Examples

  • Sion is urged to cry to the Lord in protest against His pitiless work (verses 18-22).
  • Cavallotti then began against him a pitiless campaign of defamation.
  • William could be pitiless when provoked; to punish the men of the North for persistent rebellion and the destruction of his garrison at York, he harried the whple countryside from the Aire to the Tees with such remorseless ferocity that it did not recover its ancient prosperity for centuries.
  • Should a man's son or friend dear to him as his own soul seek to tempt him from the faith of his fathers, D's pitiless order to that man is "Thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death."
  • That his brother retained the throne while James lost it is an ironical demonstration that a more pitiless fate awaits the ruler whose faults are of the intellect, than one whose faults are of the heart.

What's another word for pitiless?

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