Sentence Examples

  • At last Abenner himself yields to the faith, and after some years of penitence dies.
  • The conclusion was naturally drawn that a process of penitence which began with sorrow of the more unworthy kind needed a larger amount of Satisfactions or penance than what began with Contrition.
  • Chap. xx.) the whole of his teaching, outside the preaching of penitence, was summed up in these maxims: - " Clerks who have estates, bishops who hold fiefs, monks who possess property, cannot be saved."
  • Seeking out Nonnus, she overcame his canonical scruples by her tears of genuine penitence, was baptized, and, disguising herself in the garb of a male penitent, retired to a grotto on the Mount of Olives, where she died after three years of strict penance.
  • Thus we reach what has been called la penitence tarifee.

What's another word for penitence?

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