Sentence Examples

  • The best of the New South Wales diamonds are harder and much whiter than the South African diamonds, and are classified as on a par with the best Brazilian gems, but no large specimens have yet been found.
  • In October the rate of exchange was at par, the premium on gold had disappeared, and by the end of the year the budget showed a surplus of sixteen millions.
  • Des causes preparees par sa Sagesse font developper de toutes parts les Germes.
  • Par ordre du gouvernement (89 vols., 1836-1893): and Collections des chroniqueurs.
  • The moon-god is par excellence the god of nomadic peoples, their guide and protector at night when, during a great part of the year, they undertake their wanderings, just as the sun-god is the chief god of an agricultural people.

What's another word for par?

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