Sentence Examples

  • On the other hand, an overwhelming and increasing majority of those who have studied the natural conditions under which petroleum occurs are of opinion that it is of organic origin.
  • By the Lombards; and these in their turn were soon forced to retire before an overwhelming invasion of Sla y s, who on their settlement there took the name of Moravians (German, Mehranen or Mahren) from the river Morava.
  • The road is covered by the fortress of Malborgeth, where Captain Hensel with a handful of men met with a heroic death defending the place against an overwhelming French force in the campaign of 1809.
  • France responded by an overwhelming affirmative, 3,568,885 votes being cast for the proposal and only 8374 against it.
  • So long as he counselled submission to the overwhelming power of Rome the people complied, but when he spoke of obedience to Florus he was compelled to fly.

What's another word for overwhelming?

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