Sentence Examples

  • For many years she had much obloquy to endure.
  • In 1563 the long-gathering storm of obloquy burst upon the occasion of the publication of his Thirty Dialogues, in one of which his adversaries maintained that he had justified polygamy under colour of a pretended refutation.
  • For the means of heaping obloquy on all who supported the established institutions of the country."
  • This was the work of the remainder of Trench's life; it exposed him at times to considerable misconstruction and obloquy, but he came to be appreciated, and, when in November 1884 he resigned his archbishopric from infirmity, clergy and laity unanimously recorded their sense of his "wisdom, learning, diligence, and munificence."
  • Terrified by the storm of obloquy which he aroused, he fled from office.