Sentence Examples

  • There is absolutely nothing to support the calumny, which has often been repeated since.
  • The restless disposition and unbridled tongue of Catherine Kepler, his mother, created for her numerous enemies in the little town of Leonberg; while her unguarded conduct exposed her to a species of calumny at that time readily circulated and believed.
  • He did not indeed escape calumny, and was even denounced on a charge of immoral practices, but fully and honourably acquitted.
  • Against his private character not even calumny has breathed a reproach.
  • In a word, though most men anywise eminent have found reason to complain of calumny, I never was touched, or even attacked, by her baleful tooth; and, though I wantonly exposed myself to the rage of both civil and religious factions, they seem to be disarmed on my behalf of their wonted fury.

What's another word for calumny?

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