Sentence Examples

  • It was impeccable musicianship beneath the vocals, yet the musicianship was buried by a thin, murky sound.
  • Since then, he has retired two famous photographs, featuring one bride and her dress engulfed in flames and another in murky water.
  • The plot is murky, involving a trade dispute, blockades, Jedi undercover, and an underlying story - just begun in this film - of a sinister force gathering power in hiding.
  • The explanations are a bit murky, but it seems that the problems are less technological than they are the fact that the project has been hijacked by a mysterious higher power, which is using Sam's leaps to fix what once went wrong.
  • There are pros and cons to using free online dating sites verses the paid ones, such as the quality of people to choose from (and how serious they are about finding love), not having access to photos, and murky profile information.