Sentence Examples

  • The water used may be turbid or clear, and it acts, not only for moistening the soil, but as manure.
  • It is smoked with or without tobacco; or it is made into a sweetmeat with honey, sugar and aromatic spices; or it is powdered and infused in cold water, yielding a turbid drink, subdschi.
  • Thin and turbid, the stream of classical tradition had flowed on through Cassiodorus or Boetius or Isidore; through progress.
  • Having passed through the puddle core the leaking water sometimes rises to the surface of the ground, producing a visibly turbid spring.
  • These sluices are placed on as low a level as possible to permit the most turbid water at the bottom of the tide to pass through a channel in the base of the embankment.

What's another word for turbid?

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