Sentence Examples

  • "Count!" exclaimed the timid yet theatrical voice of Vereshchagin in the midst of the momentary silence that ensued, "Count!
  • This incident caused a considerable sensation, and was the prelude to a long crisis in Hungarian affairs, during which the emperor-king, while quick to repair the unfortunate impression produced by his momentary pique, held inflexibly to his resolve in the matter of the common army.
  • The union which sound religious teaching represents as realized in the submission of the will and the ethical harmony of the whole life is then reduced to a, passive experience, to something which comes and goes in time, and which may be of only momentary duration.
  • A momentary success of the English archers was quickly reversed by a flank movement on the part of Sir Robert Keith.
  • In this latter town took place the momentary union, which was more apparent than real, between the Latin and the Greek church (6th July 1 439).

What's another word for momentary?

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