Sentence Examples

  • With Jonathan, it had been instantaneous as well.
  • In a couple of years, I won't have so many problems searching the memories.  It'll be instantaneous, like that! he said and snapped his fingers.
  • Woman, in her wasted life, in her hurried death, here stands appealing to the society that degrades her, with a combination of eloquence and poetry, of forms of art at once instantaneous and permanent, and with great metrical energy and variety.
  • If the total resistance against which the train is maintained in motion with an instantaneous velocity of V feet per second is R, the rate at which energy is expended in moving the train is represented by the product RV, and this must be the rate at which energy is supplied to the train after deducting all losses due to transmission from the source of power.
  • The response was instantaneous: the king of France himself, who bore on his conscience the burden of an unpunished massacre by his troops at Vitry in 1142, 4 took the crusading vow on the Christmas day of 1145.

What's another word for instantaneous?

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