Sentence Examples

  • His work was mainly concerned with electricity and magnetism, though he also made some contributions to optics and physiology.
  • It was suggested again and again as each new discovery in electricity and magnetism seemed to render it more feasible.
  • Some of the principal phenomena of magnetism may be demonstrated with very little apparatus; much may be done with a small bar-magnet, a pocket compass and a few ounces of iron filings.
  • This retardation was still more pronounced in the case of tungsten-steel, which lost its magnetism at 910° and remained nonmagnetic till it was cooled to 570°, a difference of 240°.
  • It is on the service that he rendered to science in establishing the relations between electricity and magnetism, and in developing the science of electromagnetism, or, as he called it, electrodynamics, that Ampere's fame mainly rests.

What's another word for magnetism?

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