Sentence Examples

  • Instinct told her his threat wasn't simply the liquor talking.
  • Each pipe is fitted with a cock and swivel, in such a manner that the liquor from the cistern can be turned into the proper division according to its quality.
  • I don't even like to say it because I don't have an ounce of evidence, but at the debate Fitzgerald said liquor had been found in Billy's vehicle.
  • This, being folded and placed in its sheath, is attached by both ends to the head, so that the melted liquor runs into both openings at the same time.
  • By carefully watching the flow from the discharge cock of the cistern the change from the first liquor to the next is easily detected, and the discharge is diverted from the canal for the first liquor to the canal for the second liquor, and, when required, to the canals for the third and fourth liquors.

What's another word for liquor?

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