Sentence Examples

  • Apparatus for the economic production of a potable water from sea-water is of vital importance in the equipment of ships.
  • For the successful preparation of potable water from sea-water, the following conditions are essential: - Ist, aeration of the distilled product so that it may be immediately available for drinking purposes; 2nd, economy of coal to obtain the maximum of water with the minimum expenditure of fuel; and 3rd, simplicity of working parts, to secure the apparatus from breaking down, and enable unskilled attendants to work it with safety.
  • More potable is Aso-take, some 20 m.
  • - Alcohol intended for potable purposes has always been subject to a heavy duty in all countries.
  • There are a few fertile spots near the mountains, where mountain streams afford irrigation and potable water, and support small populations, but in general Tacna is occupied for mining purposes only.

What's another word for potable?

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