Sentence Examples

  • - Alcohol intended for potable purposes has always been subject to a heavy duty in all countries.
  • More potable is Aso-take, some 20 m.
  • Apparatus for the economic production of a potable water from sea-water is of vital importance in the equipment of ships.
  • There are a few fertile spots near the mountains, where mountain streams afford irrigation and potable water, and support small populations, but in general Tacna is occupied for mining purposes only.
  • Where the strata are not uniformly porous, they may resist the passage of water from the direction of the sea or they may assist it; and round the whole coast of England, in the Magnesian limestone to the northeast, in the Chalk and Greensand to the east and south, and in the New Red Sandstone to the west, the number of wells which have been abandoned as sources of potable supply, owing to the percolation of sea water, is very great.