Sentence Examples

  • In 1778 he joined France in supporting the insurgent English colonists in America.
  • It was proposed that the army of some io,000 men under his command should advance northwards towards Rio de Janeiro, while the insurgent squadron threatened the city of Rio.
  • He signaled to the other insurgent, who obeyed and moved forward, grabbing the dead man's ankles and hauling him out.
  • Yet except at the beginning of the 4th century the perioeci were, so far as we can judge, fairly contented, and only two of their cities joined the insurgent helots in 464 B.C. (Thuc. i.
  • At this period the Servian empire had reached its zenith; Hungary, governed by the feeble monarch, Charles Robert of Anjou, was striving to crush the insurgent magnates of Croatia; Venice, whose commercial interests were imperilled, desired to restore peace and maintain the balance of power.

What's another word for insurgent?

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