Sentence Examples

  • "Now that I am a deputy, I will cease to be an agitator," he said.
  • Hermon Husband (c. 1724-1795) was the chief agitator of measures for relief, but, since, as a Quaker, he discouraged violence, the cause was left without a recognized leader.
  • TITUS ANNIUS MILO, Roman political agitator, was the son of C. Papius Celsus, but was adopted by his mother's father, T.
  • FRANCOIS NOEL BABEUF (1760-1797), known as GRACCHUS BABEUF, French political agitator and journalist, was born at Saint Quentin on the 23rd of November 1760.
  • Lassalle flung himself into the career of agitator with his accustomed vigour.

What's another word for agitator?

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