Sentence Examples

  • It is impossible here to follow the course of the strife, in which the godly were led by the earls of Gowrie and Angus.
  • Worshipper'of Ahuramazda "1 god Artaxares, king of the kings of the Arianes (Iranians), of godly origin, son of the god Papak the king."
  • Among his works, which were first collectively published in 1867-1876, are Absolutissimus de octo orationis partium constructione libellus (Antwerp, 1530), Rudimenta Grammatices (London, 1539), Daily Devotions, Monition to a Godly Life, Epistolae ad Erasmum, and commentaries on different parts of the Bible.
  • Gerard Cauvin was esteemed as a man of considerable sagacity and prudence, and his wife was a godly and attractive lady.
  • Cheste Bogno 0 ' ?4 L le of R misconduct, he is only checked-so far as ecclesiastical order is concerned-by his oath of canonical obedience to the " godly " monitions of his bishop; and, since these monitions are difficult and costly to enforce, while their " godliness " may be a matter of opinion, an incumbent is practically himself the interpreter of the law as applied to the doctrine and ritual of his particular church.

What's another word for godly?

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