Sentence Examples

  • Acts of wild and sacrilegious destruction reached their climax a Antwerp (August 16 and 17), where a small body of rioters forced their way into the cathedral and were permitted without xix.
  • (3) They were judged and condemned by Pliny (with Trajan's full approval) by virtue of the imperiu y n delegated to him, and in accordance with the instructions issued to governors of provinces to search out and punish sacrilegious persons.
  • It may simply be said that the general tendency was on the one hand toward the elaboration and growing magnificence of the services, especially after the Church had become a state institution and had taken the place of the older pagan cults, and on the other hand toward the increasing solemnity and mystery of certain parts, particularly the eucharist, the sacred character of which was such as to make it sacrilegious to admit to it the unholy, that is, outsiders or Christians under discipline (cf.
  • During the religious struggles between the East and West he was on a few occasions condemned (by the Eastern council of Sardica, by Dioscorus, by Photius); but the sentences were not carried out, and were even, as in the case of Dioscorus, considered and punished as sacrilegious attacks.
  • A decree of disposition was now issued against the sacrilegious vali, who had dared " to fire shots in Constantinople, the residence of the caliph, and the centre of security."

What's another word for sacrilegious?

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