Sentence Examples

  • But wherever the idea of sacred exists, sacrilege is possible..
  • Old age was held in high honour, but it was sacrilege to speak, or even to think, of the dead.
  • In the Theodosian Code the various crimes which are accounted sacrilege include - apostasy, heresy, schism, Judaism, paganism, attempts against the immunity of churches and clergy or privileges of church courts, the desecration of sacraments, &c. and even Sunday.
  • "Theft sacrilege" was treated in a separate series of equally savage clauses.
  • He revoked numerous pensions and grants conferred by his predecessors upon idle courtiers, and, meeting the reproach of sacrilege made by the patriarch of Constantinople by a decree of exile, resumed a proportion of the revenues of the wealthy monasteries.

What's another word for sacrilege?

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