Sentence Examples

  • He walked down the hill, pausing a reverent moment at the headstone, and then ducked under a limb as he continued down the hill.
  • (1) Only if the deity be regarded as altogether superior is there room for prayer proper, that is, reverent entreaty.
  • He was, however, blameless in morals and reverent in religion.
  • I), be reverent in visiting the house of God (the temple and the connected buildings) 1 The clause is obscure; literally" he (or, one) rises at (?) the voice of the bird,"usually understood to refer to the old man's inability to sleep in the morning; but this is not a universal trait of old age, and besides, a reference to affairs in the house is to be expected; the Hebrew construction also is of doubtful correctness.
  • 32) allow a layman to preach, if he be skilful and reverent, and the language of St Ignatius (Ad Smyrn.

What's another word for reverent?

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