Sentence Examples

  • Every character a fairy tale is expected to have is represented in a unique way - the princess bride is neither a princess, nor a bride and the fairy godmother is a haggish miracle worker named Max who lives with his equally haggish wife.
  • Virtues could include wishes such as good health, sunny disposition, intelligence, musical talent, artistic ability, etc. Along with the virtue, the "godmother" should write a personal note to the parents.
  • The supporting characters such as the fairy godmother and seven dwarfs along with Cinderella's carriage, Sleeping Beauty's mirror, and Snow White's cottage are all included.
  • In a rat-race world where everyone seems to have their own agenda, what's wrong with a dream of a fairy godmother coming out of the woodwork to help us find our prince?
  • Instead of merely acting as dress experts, Kleinfeld consultants are forced to assume the role of family therapist, peacemaker, and fairy godmother.