Sentence Examples

  • After ransom Acre was the chief scene of Louis's stay in the East, and here Joinville lived in some state, and saw not a few interesting things, hearing besides much gossip as to the inferior affairs of Asia from ambassadors, merchants and others.
  • But his gossip of the court became the model for historians, whose works, now lost, furnish the main source for the Historia Augusta.
  • Reverberations of the gossip of St James's and Mayfair extended to Bloomsbury in those days.
  • Garcia de Resende appropriated Pina's chronicle of King John II., and after adding a wealth of anecdote and gossip and casting the glamour of poetry over a somewhat dry record, he reissued it under his own name.
  • As for the nobility, his only thought was to diminish their power by multiplying their number, as his predecessors had done; while he reduced the rebels to submission by his iron cages or the axe of his gossip Tristan Lermite.

What's another word for gossip?

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