Sentence Examples

  • If the blank is too heavy the fillet may of course be passed through the rolls again.
  • The badge is a white cross with gold edge, in the centre a red medallion with a white gold-edged fesse, surrounded by a fillet with the inscription Fortitudini.
  • The Semites often bound their bushy locks with a fillet, which varies from a single band (so often, e.g.
  • Tacvia, ribbon, fillet), the term in architecture given to the projecting fillet which crowns the architrave of the Greek Doric order.
  • 8) says that the diadem and crown "have been from 'ancient times confounded, yet the diadem strictly was a very different thing from what a crown now is or was, and it was no other then than only a fillet of silk, linen, or some such thing."

What's another word for fillet?

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