Sentence Examples

  • A scene of west of the province of Buenos Aires and the valley of p y intense enthusiasm followed, and Buenos Aires was en fete for the following three days.
  • Every twenty years or so (last in 1889 and 1905) the Fete des Vignerons is held here by an ancient gild of vinedressers, and attracts much attention.
  • By 1669 they were playing in Paris at the Theatre du Marais, her first appearance there being as Venus in Boyer's Fete de Venus.
  • Fete-Dieu or fete du sacrement, Ger.
  • Fete des fous), the name for certain burlesque quasi-religious festivals which, during the middle ages, were the ecclesiastical counterpart of the secular revelries of the Lord of Misrule.

What's another word for fete?

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