Sentence Examples

  • Although BMT has been performed on children with severe immunodeficiency disorders since the 1980s, it was usually restricted to those with limited life expectancy because of complications associated with transplantation.
  • A study done by the Kauffman Foundation found that as life expectancy and better health become the norm for mature adults, Baby Boomers are more and more likely to start their own businesses or mentor younger adults.
  • The female biological clock is still geared towards an ancient rhythm of life, where life expectancy was half of what it is now and women began having babies only a few years after their first menstrual cycles.
  • People with autism have the same life expectancy as the general public and while some health problems like gastrointestinal troubles and problems with the immune system may be present in many cases.
  • If left untreated, severe anemia can result in stunted growth and development, as well as other characteristic physical complications that can lead to a dramatically decreased life expectancy.