Sentence Examples

  • Walking up and opening the Bible can actually build anticipation and expectancy, if done with respect and without pretension.
  • Alternately, if you live beyond your life expectancy, you could end up with more money back than what you put in and you never have to worry about not having money coming in.
  • Although BMT has been performed on children with severe immunodeficiency disorders since the 1980s, it was usually restricted to those with limited life expectancy because of complications associated with transplantation.
  • Because of modern medical treatments, including antibiotics to treat infections and surgery to treat heart defects and duodenal atresia, life expectancy has greatly increased.
  • A study done by the Kauffman Foundation found that as life expectancy and better health become the norm for mature adults, Baby Boomers are more and more likely to start their own businesses or mentor younger adults.