Sentence Examples

  • On boiling with caustic potash they evolve hydrogen, yielding a phosphate.
  • The form of the Pensees forbids the attempt to evolve from their detached utterances a completely coherent system.
  • With the internal difficulties Sir Evelyn Baring had been struggling bravely ever since his appointment, trying to evolve out of the ever-changing policy and contradictory Internal orders of the British government some sort of coherent ~ line of action, and to raise the administration to a higher standard.
  • Gomperz in his Herkulanische Studien, and in contributions to the Vienna Academy (Monatsberichte), has tried to evolve from the fragments more approximation to modern empiricism than they seem to contain.
  • Thereafter each accepted the emotional limits of their arrange­ment—it would never evolve to something like love or even affec­tion and surely not a long-term relationship.

What's another word for evolve?

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