Sentence Examples

  • If they were successful in turning a normal pig into a vamp-pig, and that vamp-pig could in turn bite say, a human or another animal, and transfer the vamp bug, then you've potentially got a new tool you can use to transform the human population into vamps.
  • We've never been able to transform a vamp into a human in thousands of years.
  • Stepping back, Deidre waited for the tea transform into what she remembered tea to be.
  • Autumn had begun to creep over New England, promising to transform the landscape into the backdrop that Jackson Parrish so loved.
  • He knelt on the ground and closed his eyes, seeking out the writhing darkness of his demon side.  If the demons had the power to transform and fly, he could access his demon powers, too, even if the Immortal side of him was bound by Death's underworld.     "Berries," Toby commanded the tree before him.

What's another word for transform?

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