Sentence Examples

  • We've never been able to transform a vamp into a human in thousands of years.
  • Wesley believed that the grace of God could transform every life that received it.
  • Her policy has been until lately to transform them into French territory.
  • Which have different coefficients, the same variables, and are of the same or different degrees in the variables; we may transform them all by the same substitution, so that they become _, _, _, _, _, _, f(a °, a, a 2, ...; (b 0, b, b 2, ...; 1, S2),....
  • In particular, when the product denotes an invariant we may transform each of the symbols a, b, x in succession, and take the sum of the resultant products; we thus obtain a covariant which is called the first evectant of the original invariant.

What's another word for transform?

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