Sentence Examples

  • Bianca was the epitome of adorable, her dark eyes sparkling and warm, and her sweet glow innocent and fresh.
  • 324-361), printed at the end of the Didot edition of Arrian, and the Epitome Rerum Gestarum Alexandri magni, an abridgment made in the 4th or 5th century of a lost Latin work of uncertain date, combining history with elements taken from the Romance (edited by O.
  • The pseudo-Callisthenes, in a recension which has not been preserved, was translated into Latin by Julius Valerius about the end of the 3rd century, and an epitome of this translation, also in Latin, was made some time before the 9th century, and is introduced by Vincent de Beauvais into his Speculum historiale.
  • The most wide-spread Latin version of the story, however, was the Historia de proeliis,' printed at Strassburg in 1486, which began to supersede the Epitome of Julius Valerius in general favour about the end of the 13th century.
  • Alberic followed the epitome of Julius Valerius.

What's another word for epitome?

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