Sentence Examples

  • They were supported by a deliberative assembly, called credenza, chosen from the more distinguished citizens.
  • 7, I), by separating the declamatory (E7rt6ELKTLK011) from the deliberative (bjwjyoptcOv, av,u ovXEVTLKOV) and judicial (SLKavtKOV); whereas his rival Isocrates had considered that laudation and vituperation, which Aristotle elevated into species of declamation, run through every kind (Quintilian iv.
  • The conseil prive is a deliberative body under the presidency of the lieutenant-governor, composed of colonial officials together with two native members.
  • Although the management of local affairs is in the hands of the prefect his power with regard to these is checked by a deliberative body known as the general council (conseil general).
  • The Venetians resolved to create a deliberative assembly, which should act with greater caution than the concione, which had just landed the state in a ruinous campaign.

What's another word for deliberative?

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