Sentence Examples

  • The very large acorns are remarkable for their thick cups with long reflexed scales; the leaves are large, oblong, with deep serratures terminating in a bristle-like point.
  • (After Hertwig.) bearing at its free upper end a stiff bristle and running out at its base into a nerve-fibre; (3) concrement-cells, which produce intercellular concretions, so-called oto liths.
  • Its inner surface is furnished with ridges beset with series of minute, bristle-like, erect, horny teeth, each of which, when strongly magnified, is seen to be formed of a column of superposed cones, hollowed out at the base and capping each other; the summit or crown of each of these cones is expanded, spatulate, hooked backwards, and often multicuspid.
  • - Stinging Hair of Urtica dioica, with a portion of the epidermis, and, to the right, a small bristle (X60).
  • The larvae have a somewhat swollen abdomen, which is protected by bristle-bearing tubercles.

What's another word for bristle?

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