Sentence Examples

  • Except at rare and not auspicious intervals, the Right had held office from 1849 to 1876.
  • The grandiose project was at once vaguely outlined in three formal documents, to the intense satisfaction of both parties, and on both sides there was much rejoicing at the conclusion of such an auspicious alliance; but the diplomatic honeymoon was not of long duration.
  • Returning home he tore up the draughts of some thousands of verses which he had composed and threw them in the fire, and repairing to the grand mosque of Ghazni he wrote upon the walls, at the place where the sultan was in the habit of praying, the following lines: "The auspicious court of Mahmud, king of Zabulistan, is like a sea.
  • No event in the life of Bonaparte was more auspicious than the conclusion of this highly advantageous bargain.
  • Could events be more auspicious for the party seeking retrocession?

What's another word for auspicious?

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