Sentence Examples

  • In his lectures at the college de France he first publicly expounded the analytical theory of gravitation, and his timely patronage secured the services of J.
  • Clement yielded at once, though the whole college of cardinals had supported his policy; and Henry, who did not learn the facts till several years afterwards, testified lively gratitude for the timely and politic intervention.
  • Basil obtained timely aid, in the shape of Varangian mercenaries, from his brother-in-law Vladimir, the Russian prince of Kiev, and marched to Abydos.
  • ETc had, however, been so accustomed to give way to popular pressure that he did not perceive the difference between a wise md timely determination to leave a right action undone in the face of insuperable difficulties, and an unwise and cowardly 3etermination to do that which he believed to be wrong and imprudent.
  • Five days after his arrival in Ujiji he was inspired with new life by the timely arrival of H.

What's another word for timely?

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