Sentence Examples

  • In his lectures at the college de France he first publicly expounded the analytical theory of gravitation, and his timely patronage secured the services of J.
  • Where on the 8th of October 1809 Metternich had become minister for foreign affairs and the dominant influence in the councils of the empire, some timely concessions were made to the various populations.
  • By a timely sortie, preceded by the administration of bribes to various officers in the Carmathian host, Jauhar succeeded in inflicting a severe defeat on the besiegers, who were compelled to evacuate Egypt and part of Syria.
  • But the Dutch, having been surprised and beaten in the lines of Denain, where Prince Eugene had placed them at too great a distance to receive timely support in case of an attack, he was obliged to raise the siege of Landrecies, and to abandon the project which he had so long cherished.
  • Five days after his arrival in Ujiji he was inspired with new life by the timely arrival of H.

What's another word for timely?

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