Sentence Examples

  • Kimmel, in his self-deprecating nature, took the acerbic comedian's comments in stride (she also said he "had no charisma") and hired her to do a few voices on his Comedy Central show Crank Yankers.
  • Purists will note that modern lillet lacks the acerbic bitterness of yesteryear, so the perfect martini recipe will add a bit of quinine (the stuff that makes tonic water a bit bitter) to the mix.
  • It was during this performance in which the usually acerbic Simon Cowell stated that he saw Lewis "transform from a great singer to a superstar."
  • Prior to his casting as the acerbic, womanizing Alex Karev on Grey's, Chambers playfully romanced Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner.
  • Lillet Rogue and Lillet Red will make for an excellent vodka martini, but won't contain the acerbic taste of Lillet Blanc.