Sentence Examples

  • Both ranges abut at their eastern or E.N.E.
  • The general aspect of the country is flat, except in the district of Monghyr, where detached hills occur, and in the south-east of the province, where the Rajmahal and Santal ranges abut upon the plains.
  • The Cheviots do not properly belong to the Uplands, from which they are separated by Liddesdale and other hollows and on which they abut abruptly.
  • They sweep in a broad band of roughly parallel ranges to the south-west, preserving their general direction till they abut on the Great Registan desert to the west of Kandahar, where they terminate in a series of detached and broken anticlinals whose sides are swept by a sea of encroaching sand.
  • Condition of Stability of FrictionIf the resistance to be N exerted at a joint is always perpendicular ~ to the surfaces which abut at and form that joint, there is no tendency of the P pieces to be displaced by sliding.

What's another word for abut?

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