Sentence Examples

  • Flank of which lies the modern active Crater.
  • As the Scots were forced back, a part of Dacre's force closed upon the other flank, and finally Dacre himself, boldly neglecting an almost intact Scottish division in front of him, charged in upon the rear of King James's corps.
  • "What about the left flank?" asked Pierre
  • "Whilst they march to turn my right," said Napoleon in the inspiriting proclamation which he issued on the eve of the battle, "they present me their flank," and the great counterstroke was to be delivered against the Pratzen heights by the French centre.
  • The rearmost troops of the Russian 2nd column, not yet committed to the fight on the Goldbach, made a bold counter stroke against St Hilaire's right flank, but were repulsed, and Soult now turned to relieve the pressure on Davout by attacking Sokolnitz.

What's another word for flank?

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