Sentence Examples

  • Zap & Learn WHY Writer features two interactive learning modes that teach word reading and comprehension, vocabulary and how to follow directions, with options to change the game as the child's skills develop.
  • Guests will feel as if they stepped inside a video game as they are invited to zap Emperor Zurg and his accomplices, able to spin their car around in two directions to shoot and score extra points.
  • The offerings are similar to those of Zap French, but this site is for downloading the sound files so that you can listen and learn anywhere you can use an mp3 player.
  • Stress can zap your energy, but when your body releases pent up adrenaline during exercise or excitement, your body releases oxygen and gives you a natural boost.
  • Static shock style collars deliver a zap that is similar to touching metal after you've walked on carpet--uncomfortable, but not really life threatening.