Volunteer Synonyms and Antonyms

Someone who offers his or her services freely
  1. voluntary
  2. enlistee
  3. enlisted man
  4. voluntary soldier
  5. unpaid worker
  6. tennessean
  7. military volunteer
  8. charity worker
  9. missionary
  10. aide
  1. draftee
To offer one's services
  1. come-forward
  2. enlist
  3. sign up
  4. submit oneself
  5. avoid conscription
  6. take the initiative
  7. present oneself
  8. offer oneself
  9. do on one's own volition
  10. do of one's own free will
  11. do on one's own authority
  12. take upon oneself
  13. speak-up
  14. stand up and be counted
  15. go in
  16. chip in
  17. do on one's own hook
  18. take-the-bull-by-the-horns
  19. stand on one's own feet
  20. take the bit between one's teeth
  21. paddle one's own canoe
  22. take-the-plunge
A person who performs voluntary work
  1. unpaid worker
Without payment
  1. unpaid

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