Sentence Examples

  • While the Austrian officials in Dalmatia, with hardly a pretence of concealment, were assisting the insurgents, Russian volunteers were flocking to Servia with the connivance of the Russian and Austrian governments, and General Ignatiev, as ambassador in 3 The names are vocalized to suggest the fanciful interpretations "victim" and "protection withheld."
  • Their work may be said to culminate in the vocalized text which resulted from the labours of Rabbi Aaron ben Asher in the 10th century.
  • V, wherever it has been preserved, has the same pronunciation as at the end of a word and between vowels it becomes vocalized into u (suau, s u a vi s; viure, vi v e r e).
  • As vocalized in the Massoretic Hebrew text the names = "Lights and perfection."