Sentence Examples

  • A highly sensitive and imaginative child, she very early began to practise asceticism and see visions, and at the age of seven solemnly dedicated her virginity to Christ.
  • To have met a glorious death in defence of their virginity from the army of the Huns...
  • Among the spurious works of Athanasius is printed a tract entitled About Virginity, ch.
  • This figure, also known as the vesica piscis, is common in ecclesiastical seals and as a glory or aureole in paintings of sculpture, surrounding figures of the Trinity, saints, &c. The figure is, however, sometimes referred to the almond, as typifying virginity; the French name for the symbol is Amande mystique.
  • 93) shows acquaintance with one of the chief doctrines of the book - the perpetual virginity of Mary.