Sentence Examples

  • His father was a gardener, and he himself became first connected with the church in the humble position of verger in the cathedral of Piacenza.
  • Raimond Balthazar Phelypeaux, seigneur du Verger, a member of the La Vrilliere branch, was sent as ambassador to Savoy in 1700, where he discovered the intrigues of the duke of Savoy, Victor Amadeus II., against France; and when war was declared he was kept a close prisoner by the duke (1703-1704).
  • Du Verger de la Rochejaquelein, another famous Vendean leader.
  • Dj gives ~f between vowels (verger, v i r i d i a r u m), and c as, a terminal (written either ig or lx: goig, g a u d i u m mig, snitx, m e d i u in).