Sentence Examples

  • With the exception of the peshwas, its chiefs were little more than freebooting warriors, for the most part rude, violent and' unlettered.
  • Sp, Abdominal ganglion which represents also the supra-intestinal ganglion of Streptoneura and gives off the nerve to the osphradium (olfactory organ) o, and another to an unlettered socalled " genital " ganglion.
  • Henry received a good education, of which in later life he was proud; he is credited with the saying that an unlettered king is only a crowned ass.
  • It is, however, by no means easy to determine their original tenets, as in the 13th and 14th centuries they were a body of obscure and unlettered peasants, hiding themselves in a corner, while in the 16th century they were absorbed into the general movement of the Reformation.
  • They were not entirely unlettered; for the use of runes dates back considerably earlier than the Viking Age.