Sentence Examples

  • But neither the support of the peasant insurgents the Jacques who were annihilated in the market of Meaux, nor a last but unheeded appeal to the large towns, nor yet the~uncertain support of Charles the Bad, to whom Marcel in despair proposed to deliver up Paris, saved him from being put to death by the royalist party of Paris on the 31st of July 1358.
  • The protest was unheeded, the British government having realized the international complications that might ensue had the Transvaal a port of its own.
  • The MSS., with the single exception of some of those relating to painting, lay unheeded and undivulged until the present generation; and it is only now that the true range of Leonardo's powers is beginning to be fully discerned.
  • 1 Calvin suggested that men of known worth should be appointed in different quarters of the city to report to the ministers those persons in their district who lived in open sin; that the ministers should then warn such persons not to come to the communion; and that, if their warnings were unheeded, discipline should be enforced.
  • The significance of this observation was overlooked; and equally unheeded was a not less important discovery by Scheele in 1783.