Sentence Examples

  • At every jolt he again felt unendurable pain; his feverishness increased and he grew delirious.
  • But to sit down helpless before human suffering is an unendurable attitude.
  • Such favours brought down the fury of Mme de Montespan's jealousy, and Mme de Maintenon's position was almost unendurable, until, in 1680, the king severed their connexion by making the latter second lady in waiting to the dauphiness, and soon after Mme de Montespan left the court.
  • The growing effeminacy and corruption of mankind has found her censures unendurable.
  • At the diet which met in February 1445 a provisional government, consisting of five Magyar captain-generals, was formed, Hunyadi receiving Transylvania and the ultra-Theissian counties as his district; but the resulting anarchy became unendurable, and on the 5th of June 1446 Hunyadi was unanimously elected governor of Hungary in the name of Ladislaus V., with regal powers.