Sentence Examples

  • Promotes family togetherness -You and your family can spend time reading together.
  • The precise orientation of the weaving on the ring may relate to a specific family pattern or more general motifs such as love, romance, eternity, togetherness, and other characteristics that perfectly accentuate a marriage.
  • Also, when the two cats are brought into the same environment, try to encourage playful activities and generously dole out the kitty treats so that your cats will associate "togetherness" with positive feelings.
  • The whole point of dancing, slow or fast, is to enjoy the music, the environment, and most of all the feeling of two bodies sharing a moment of togetherness for no other reason than that it's fun.
  • As a graduate with a degree in psychology from the University of Tennessee, Kelly worked as a research assistant in a psychology lab at Emory University on the Emory Family Togetherness Project.