Sentence Examples

  • There's a multitude of flavors that come through, the mouth leads with ripe blackberries, plums, and cassis that almost reaches syrupy nectar but that falls back, held in check by smooth tannins.
  • These sentimental cards have been around forever, and they are often filled with heartfelt rhymes that focus on expressing a syrupy message.
  • It is smooth and syrupy with blackberry and plum fruit that is complemented with chocolate liqueur with some tar and tobacco bits thrown in.
  • Luscious and viscous and syrupy in texture, it lingers on the palate for 10 seconds on the aftertaste.
  • The olefines may be synthetically prepared by eliminating water from the alcohols of the general formula CnH2n+1 OH, using sulphuric acid or zinc chloride generally as the dehydrating agent, although phosphorus pentoxide, syrupy phosphoric acid and anhydrous oxalic acid may frequently be substituted.