Sentence Examples

  • Its flowers are large, opening flat, clear rosy-pink, sweet-scented, in clusters of from five to eight, succeeding one another, so that there is not usually more than one flower open at a time in a cluster.
  • The Jonquil, when strongly grown on a warm border, is handsome and very sweet-scented, and N. gracilis is the latest of all single Narcissi, as it blooms with N. poeticus fl.-pl. in May or early June.
  • Its thick evergreen leaves are of a dark color, and its flowers, which are large, white, and sweet-scented, are in clusters terminating the young branches.
  • Crinum Yemense - also hardy in the south-west and other favoured parts of Britain, bearing large sweet-scented flowers of a beautiful satin-white color.
  • Corfu Lily (Funkia Grandiflora) - Is 12 to 18 inches high, producing in August and September numerous large, pure white, sweet-scented flowers.