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Another word for superintendence

  1. Authoritative control over the affairs of others

      1. The act, process, or function of supervising.
      1. The person or persons who control or direct a business or other enterprise.
      2. The act, manner, or practice of managing; handling, supervision, or control:
      3. (Uncountable, management) Administration; the process or practice of managing.
      1. Administration or management of an organization, business, or institution.
      2. The act or process of governing, especially the control and administration of public policy in a political unit.
      3. The exercise of authority over a state, district, organization, institution, etc.; direction; control; rule; management
      1. An authoritative order or command:
      2. The management, supervision, or guidance of a group or operation:
      3. The act of directing; management; supervision
      1. The act or process of administering, especially the management of a government or large institution.
      2. The activity of a government or state in the exercise of its powers and duties.
      3. The executive branch of a government.
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  2. The function of watching, guarding, or overseeing

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    care for

Another word for superintendence