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Another word for substructure

      1. (Electronics) In some transistors, the region or layer of semiconductor material, acting as an electrode, that separates the emitter from the collector and receives an electric current of electrons or holes
      2. (Chem.) Any compound that can react with an acid to form a salt, the hydroxyl of the base being replaced by a negative ion: in modern theory, any substance that produces a negative ion and donates electrons to an acid to form covalent bonds: in water solution a base tastes bitter, turns red litmus paper blue, and, in dissociation theory, produces free hydroxyl ions
      3. A basic or underlying element; infrastructure:
      1. An area or a position that is contested in or as if in battle:
      2. Soil; earth:
      3. The connection of an electrical conductor with a ground
      1. The basic facilities, services and installations needed for the functioning of a community or society
      2. A substructure or underlying foundation; esp., the basic installations and facilities on which the continuance and growth of a community, state, etc. depend, as roads, schools, power plants, transportation and communication systems, etc.
      3. An underlying base or foundation especially for an organization or system
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