Sentence Examples

  • For a little over $50, a parent can purchase a Brownie Starter Kit which contains the sash in their choice of size, official pins and patches, and a full complement of official Brownie guides, journals, and books.
  • The Clout Visa was designed to help consumers with low credit scores to increase their "credit clout" by giving them a starter credit line that would increase over time if they maintained a good payment history.
  • It provides a basic "starter kit" to introduce people to the nature of video game design and some of the work that goes into some of the most popular titles, both for the PC and for home gaming consoles.
  • If you're the type of man who appreciates a good laugh and likes to engage others in light hearted conversation, you'll want to know where to find your own conversation starter, or tee shirt.
  • Swing Dancing with Shawn Trautman: A trusted name in DVD dance lessons, Shawn Trautman's Swing Dancing Starter Pack has three DVDs (Beginner 1 and 2, and Intermediate 1), making it a very complete resource for beginning swing dancers.